In addition to the basic skills of the restaurant industry; sales techniques, well-being at work and management. We train newcomers, professionals and superiors. We plan for example service concepts, productisation, restaurant workstations and drink menus. We are sparring entrepreneurs in restaurant reform, business ideas and business development.
A coaching partnership is a customized package for your restaurant that can include, among other things, a series of coaching, service design, concept design and business development. At the beginning of the partnership we will chart your situation and at the end we will go through the results.
The partnership is always done for a fixed period. It can last from one month to half a year.

Lomakkeen alareunaWe do not do the same coaching partnership for everyone. From us, you’ll get a customized training suite aimed for your restaurant’s challenges and goals. You have the expertise of your entire team of experienced professionals at your disposal.


Our coaches are familiar with the daily work of the restaurant business and are preparing to open their own experiences and best practices with you.

The coaches are impartial experts who have no interest in promoting certain brands.

We are not only business coaches but rather experienced colleagues and experts from who you can ask anything.

The founder Markus Apuli has been working in the restaurant business for nearly 20 years, going from behind the counter to restaurant manager, designer of new restaurant concepts and a popular coach in the restaurant industry.


This is how we coach your staff:

  • Improving staff working and well-being at work
  • Adding selling techniques and product knowledge
  • Training of new employees coming to the restaurant industry
  • Preparing summer workers’ basic skills for your restaurant service concept
  • Management skills of head managers and restaurant managers
  • Preparing staff for the conceptual reform of the restaurant


This is how we will improve your business:

  • Identifying and correcting customer dissatisfaction and quality problems
  • Development of sales
  • Speed ​​up customer service
  • Modernizing the concept of a restaurant
  • Clarity for the service concept

A happy, energetic and self-confident staff is the best business card for any restaurant. When your staff is doing well, the line below will accumulate more. We bring clarity to the concept of your restaurant concept and eliminate the factors that slow down growth.

Before starting a coaching partnership, we will put together indicators to measure the success of the coaching sessions. Would you be interested in reducing your absenteeism, speeding up customer service, lowering your complaints, or increasing average spending?


Please fill in the form, send us an e-mail or call +358 50 490 7540, and we’ll book you in for a free consultation (60 min.). During the consultation our business coach Markus will review your situation, after which you will receive a proposal on the extent and cost of the partnership.

This free consultation will not oblige you to order any of our services.

Our coaches know how to make big solutions based on intuition, but they are bad at resolving Rubik’s cubes with their eyes tied. That’s why we always try to arrange coaching in your restaurant so that our coach can fine-tune his epistle according to the milieu. Coaching is carried out as a group or individual training.

The coaching session is full of stuff, so not everything is left to mind at once! Participants can submit post-quiz questions to us, and your own business coach is always available.


The price of a coaching partnership starts from under a thousand euros. The length, the number of coaching sessions and possible design services affect the price of the coaching partnership. The consultation is always free. More information of the prices can be found under the coaching tab.

We mainly offer coaching partnerships so that we can get to know you and not provide the wrong tool for your problem. Individual coaching will be available later through Koutsit Academy and online training.

However, if you want to add just one thing to your already finished coaching partnership, we may deviate from our rule.

Do you want to join our team?

We are constantly pursuing bold, relaxed and energetic personalities to our coaching team. Read about the conditions of Koutsit, call or send a message on the form so we can talk about your upcoming role some more.

Our coaches have many years of experience in the restaurant industry. Most also have a passion for some aspect, such as beer culture, well-being, or the development of restaurant concepts. We appreciate good networks, the courage to appear before a curious crowd and the occasional stretch to irregular working hours – but that you already master if you are successful in the restaurant industry.

You can, in fact, it is even desirable. We want our coaches straight from the field!