Erkka Ala-Lahti

Erkka Ala-Lahti

"A Great bellman of Customer Service"

Customer service


My story

Training and extensive experience in the restaurant industry has me into a high-quality customer server and a rocking professional. I’m socially and verbally skilled with an innovative and responsive personality.

With my customer service and human skills I’ve always charmed even the most demanding customers. My areas of expertise are functional bars and hosting events from meetings to VIP departments of events.
In the restaurant world I am accustomed to tolerate the pressure and difficult customers, and my smile is not clotted in an difficult situation. Every customer has, in spite of the hustle and the best of their behavior, got the best service. My goal is to translate basic knowledge, the right self-confidence and the genuine service attitude from the rarity to its counterpart in the customer service industry.


In the restaurant industry you work with people and the most unforgettable experiences are made of quality customer service. These experiences can be made through small impressive details, but everything starts with the basics skills and their understanding.

My role as a coach is to introduce these skills, as well as to motivate a sales-promoting and experience-generating attitude. The goal, is that after my coaching, the participant will understand the basics of customer service and be motivated to provide high-quality experiences and also to be ready to cope with different situations that you face when working in the bar.

Customer experience

Erkka is a natural talent that captures his audience ” Tony Sivula Kyrö Distillery Company

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